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About Goez Vacations

We are two post-80s living in Vancouver. In the past 10 years, he has stayed in Calgary, Canada, Boston, New York, and London, England. On the days of studying abroad, whenever we have time, we will take our bags and travel in North America and Europe. We enjoy the process of planning the itinerary from zero, and love the travel attitude of following our heart - after a long trip, the food and entertainment must be unique and favorite.


Founding Goez Vacations is to allow more people to experience this kind of free travel. Even if you are not familiar with the local language and culture, our team hopes that through well-designed itineraries and professional services, you can experience more local life and culture while visiting.

At the same time, we also develop local tour groups to all over the world. Through personal experience, careful planning, and professional service spirit, we will take friends who like to travel to different places in the world and enjoy life.

We arrange it, you just enjoy the ride

Provide professional Canadian travel services including:

  • Customization of independent and semi-independent activities in Canada

  • Hotel and flight booking

  • Guide and driver service

  • Canadian Special Tour​

  • One-day tour in Greater Vancouver​

  • Tour groups from Canada to all over the world

  • Visa services around the world

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